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20/01/2013, 06:47

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For this program, adapted from the AZBox HD navy-AZBoxHD interface is used. primarily as the previous software to meet the needs of a user, such as a minimum, almost everything is installed and / or configured, plug-ins, 42ETurksat and 7E Eutelsat satellites all piconlarının, 13E and 19.2E satellites piconlarını important and includes full-Turkish fonts. This is not a backup, modified, customized completely clean and not add anything AZBox HD devices running very stable and robust OpenAzBox Pli-based software. Several photos are below.

After installation, the / etc into the CCcam.cfg file copy, After installation, coppy to CCam.cfg file in the / etc directory. Upload channel settings, restart the Enigma end. channel files, upload, please Tuner configuration and restart Enigma. In this version CCcam 2.2.1 is active as a preset. Example loading screen. Software PingFlood keymap used. Also RESOLUTION key AspectRatio function, the TV / RADIO button, the TV was added to the radio function. 4/3 sources RESOLUTION (k, O) key, 16/9 resources, the Blue Key (k ey_Blue)ScalingModes use the plug-in. addition, the controller CHECK key Also, CamdManager menu can be found. Important reminder, ts andiso extension, media files (media player) MediaPlayer 'play back on. This software applies to all models AZBoxHD. This version supported all of the AZBoxHD models. software below, take it easy.

Nova Imagem Alonzo [OAM-AZBox-HD-Release5_AlonzoMOD_5A]-http://upload-pics.org/images/25843896501763423746.jpg

Nova Imagem Alonzo [OAM-AZBox-HD-Release5_AlonzoMOD_5A]-http://upload-pics.org/images/02571392683564418774.jpg

Nova Imagem Alonzo [OAM-AZBox-HD-Release5_AlonzoMOD_5A]-http://upload-pics.org/images/38952504986686209562.jpg

Nova Imagem Alonzo [OAM-AZBox-HD-Release5_AlonzoMOD_5A]-http://upload-pics.org/images/72142122818211554146.jpg

Nova Imagem Alonzo [OAM-AZBox-HD-Release5_AlonzoMOD_5A]-http://upload-pics.org/images/88394598296332145046.jpg

Nova Imagem Alonzo [OAM-AZBox-HD-Release5_AlonzoMOD_5A]-http://upload-pics.org/images/79207419003447699192.jpg

Nova Imagem Alonzo [OAM-AZBox-HD-Release5_AlonzoMOD_5A]-http://upload-pics.org/images/34537215356274589194.jpg

Nova Imagem Alonzo [OAM-AZBox-HD-Release5_AlonzoMOD_5A]-http://upload-pics.org/images/70199079089927195610.jpg

Nova Imagem Alonzo [OAM-AZBox-HD-Release5_AlonzoMOD_5A]-http://upload-pics.org/images/94044853524068590363.jpg

Nova Imagem Alonzo [OAM-AZBox-HD-Release5_AlonzoMOD_5A]-http://upload-pics.org/images/06055170515230663303.jpg

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