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23/07/2009, 14:26

Conectado josagi


N3XT (ultima version)

« en: 23/07/2009, 14:26 »
Early release N3XT rev 001.02

Thx to n3xt

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This is the first beta test of N3XT. It does not do n3 internal emulation yet!
This is not THE FIX!!

The purpose of this release is, picking up where emunation-sc left off, direct
smartcard access for rom24x cards fixed and improved error handling in both
cardclient and smartcard.

You really ought wipe your old directory and install all the files fresh, ini
has  quite a few changes. Move your custom settings from your old
emunation.ini to your new n3xt.ini.

rev 001.2
- Smartcard support for rom 24x fixed.
- Removed ca.cache support. Improved cardclient recovery from
  bad ecm packet.
- New config file cardslot.conf which contains the serial port configs.
  Play with toggling CD or RST if you have trouble. Also, if you are
  using secondary key with rom 24x, leave the boxkey at the default.
- SmartCardPort config removed from n3xt.ini.
- Telefonica will work if you have keys and proper eep73_102.bin file.

See the *.conf files in the distro zip for examples.

A note about secondary key and boxkeys. I think a lot of peeps think
they know their boxkeys, but are wrong. If you are using secondary key
and leave the default 1122334455667788 in smartcard.conf, the program
will calculate boxkey for you and print it out during the init in the console.
This math is the same RQCS uses and it works. If its different than what
you think your boxkey is and you are watching tv, then the calculated
one is actually correct.
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25/07/2009, 15:06Respuesta #1

Conectado josagi


Re: Early release N3XT

« Respuesta #1 en: 25/07/2009, 15:06 »
N3XT rev 001.3

Latest Change:
================================================== ========== ====
rev 001.3
Add emm-s/u processing to smartcard.
Fix DVBDream sat position detection.

This ought to fix the issue with dvbdream and amazonas.
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29/07/2009, 06:28Respuesta #2

Conectado josagi


Re: Early release N3XT

« Respuesta #2 en: 29/07/2009, 06:28 »
N3XT rev 001.4

Latest Change:
============================================================ ====
rev 001.4

Fix serial port config issues some were having. Added raw emm-g/s/u logging to file.
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06/08/2009, 06:22Respuesta #3

Conectado josagi

Re: Early release N3XT
« Respuesta #3 en: 06/08/2009, 06:22 »
N3XT rev 001.5

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This is a release of N3XT that works with Nagra,
Nagra2, Cardclient and Smartcard only.

Latest Change:
rev 001.5

Updated to use latest version of the pthread DLL.
You need to use the pthreadVC2.dll in this
distribution for every app that uses N3XT.

Better raw EMM-g/s/u logging to file.
Add SmartDVB support.
Added new ini entry ShowApp in the [N3XT] section,
what this does is print to the console, at startup, the
information we require to identify the application that
is running. When your app comes back "unknown" c&p
me the information in "Application String 1" and "2"
(there may be several) along with the name of the app.
Default is ShowApp=0.

N.B. More information than this is required to support the app.
The cooperation of the app writer is required.
Details available on request.

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31/08/2009, 07:00Respuesta #4

Conectado josagi

Re: Early release N3XT
« Respuesta #4 en: 31/08/2009, 07:00 »
N3XT Rev 001.6

Latest Change:
rev 001.6

Added GB-PVR application support.
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05/09/2009, 22:17Respuesta #5

Conectado josagi

Re: Early release N3XT
« Respuesta #5 en: 05/09/2009, 22:17 »
 N3XT rev 001.7

Latest Change:
============================================================ ====
rev 001.7

Added DT06 init method to smartcard code. Improved math in init procedures of smartcard.
See smartcard.conf for details. Ini entry for ST19Echo disabled as st19 is dead until there is an n3 version.
Added socks proxy support to card client. See cardclient.conf for details on use.
Amazonas will require a new EEP. Its available in the usual places.

============================================================ ====

N.B. With proxies, it takes a really long time for the old connection to close out on program close. If you close and reopen your program too fast, proxy may fail. Open a command prompt window, run netstat and watch for the TIME_WAIT to disppear.

Also, there seems to be some DT06 confusion about whether it should by 24 or 37 bytes. I am expecting 37. If you have only 24, pre-pend 13 random bytes, they wont matter. I'll clean it up in the next release to where either will work.
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11/09/2009, 18:59Respuesta #6

Conectado josagi

Re: Early release N3XT
« Respuesta #6 en: 11/09/2009, 18:59 »
n3xt rev 001.8

Latest Change:
============================================================ ====
rev 001.8

Added SSL support and proxy chaining to proxies. See cardclient.conf for configuration details.
Changed smartcard to support either 24 byte or 37 byte dt06-0d. See smartcard.conf for details.
Add new console display options focusing on smartcard and cardclient. New entries in n3xt.ini and console menu.
Fix RawECM and RawEMM console display.
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13/09/2009, 08:15Respuesta #7

Conectado josagi

Re: N3XT (ultima version)
« Respuesta #7 en: 13/09/2009, 08:15 »
 N3XT Rev 001.9

Latest Change:
- Added support for GBPVR recordings.

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18/09/2009, 22:52Respuesta #8

Conectado josagi

Re: N3XT (ultima version)
« Respuesta #8 en: 18/09/2009, 22:52 »
N3XT rev 2.0


Latest Change:
============================================================ ====
rev 002.0

Added gui configuration screen. All options are immediately enabled/disabled on check/uncheck.
New option for show pids. This shows the ecm/emm pids that are reported from the app. Some
make no sense so you get a before/after sanity check. This is intended to make debuging easier
with some apps. n3xt.ini entry is SHOWPID=0/1.


24/09/2009, 06:33Respuesta #9

Conectado josagi

Re: N3XT (ultima version)
« Respuesta #9 en: 24/09/2009, 06:33 »
N3XT rev 2.1

Latest Change:
Revised thread locking for improved performance with multiple servers.
Concurrent network connections with load balancing between concurrent
connections. Each server is tested for a good response and those giving
good responses will be used round-robin. The number of concurrent
connections and acceptable response times are fixed for now, I'll add them
to the config screen after a few other projects in progress get finished.
Latency and connection problems will be mostly unnoticed with several
servers running.

Console replaced by a gui screen. There is still some work to be done here,
remember position on extended monitor and copy/paste. You can still log to
a file. But there so many other changes and improvements it didn't seem
reasonable to hold back waiting for those last items.

Config screen being a modal window eliminated.
Link in zip to the VS2008 runtimes updated to sp1.

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02/10/2009, 06:53Respuesta #10

Conectado josagi

Re: N3XT (ultima version)
« Respuesta #10 en: 02/10/2009, 06:53 »
N3XT Rev 002.2

Latest Change:
============================================================ ====
rev 002.2

Add copy and paste to new console. Fix Dvbdream startup. Add fault tolerance to cardclient.
Change MyTheatre menus. Move About into Config dialog box. Fix dialog box save positon to
extended monitor (doesn't work for MT).
Add config item for max simulataneous connections. Must be between 1 and 8. N.B. Will not take
effect until the program is restarted. Default=2.
Add optional keepalive in newcamd cardclient. Helps when using some multiple servers arrangement.
hostname port [/keepalivetime]:emm See cardclient.conf Use keepalive if you see servers
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07/10/2009, 06:47Respuesta #11

Conectado josagi

Re: N3XT (ultima version)
« Respuesta #11 en: 07/10/2009, 06:47 »
N3XT rev 002.3

Latest Change:
================================================== ========== ====

rev 002.3

fix to allow resizing dialog boxes for large system fonts.
add reload cardclient.conf on change so it can be changed on the fly
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14/10/2009, 06:56Respuesta #12

Conectado josagi

Re: N3XT (ultima version)
« Respuesta #12 en: 14/10/2009, 06:56 »
N3XT rev 002.4

Latest Change:
fix bug in cardclient.conf reload code, close a file handle leak.
a few little message changes
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07/11/2009, 23:06Respuesta #13

Conectado josagi

Re: N3XT (ultima version)
« Respuesta #13 en: 07/11/2009, 23:06 »
N3XT rev 002.5

Latest Change:
============================================================ ====
rev 002.5

Fix cardclient EMM Processing

Added option to enable/disable config file monitoring for
reload in INI file and in options dialog. Default disabled.
Changed Process EMM selections so the EMM-G and EMM-S/U are
seperately selectable.

Changed logging so that instead of creating directories named
for the date, files have the date in the name and they all go to
one directory.

By default, the AppData\N3XT directory is now used for changable N3XT files.
All applications will share the same files.
S_K_location and LogPath n3xt.ini file entries override using AppData\N3XT.

An "Explore Data" button was added to the options dialog that opens
a explorer window at AppData\N3XT because it is not easy to get there
in Vista or Windows 7. Manual file edits to conf files can then be made.

Change default max connections to 1, check your ini and change it if you
have one connection and have not changed the old default entry.
============================================================ ====
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17/11/2009, 23:06Respuesta #14

Conectado josagi

Re: N3XT (ultima version)
« Respuesta #14 en: 17/11/2009, 23:06 »
N3XT rev 002.7

Latest Change:

rev 002.7
Fix EMM-S/U logging
Add DCW display to console options



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